Second Faculty of Medicine


  • Part of Charles University in Prague.
  • Based at Motol University Hospital, where teaching also takes place. Theoretical subjects are mostly taught at the theoretical and pre-clinical departments in Motol (Plzeňská Campus); some clinical teaching takes place in the clinics and departments of Na Bulovce Hospital and at the Military University Hospital. Our students also have internships and practical training in other hospitals.
  • The faculty’s main objective is to provide high-quality medical work and increase medical knowledge by training skilled doctors and carrying out research work.
  • We are one of the smaller faculties with respect to the number of undergraduate students, and this is despite the fact that we are based at one of the largest European hospitals. Our extensive clinical background enables top quality training with a focus on practical work.
  • One of the faculty’s priorities is its internationally recognised medical research; the faculty’s scientific potential is determined to a great extent by its doctoral students.
  • Independent assessments over a number of years have named us as one of the best medical faculties in the country.
  • Medical degrees: General Medicine (MUDr. or MD; taught both in Czech and English) and Physiotherapy (Czech); undergraduate studies: Physiotherapy (Czech) and General Nursing (Czech); doctoral programs in biomedicine (both in Czech and English).
  • Graduates, students and teachers from our faculty are well known not just as good doctors, but also as public figures and elite sportsman and women.

Students spend most of their practical training at Motol University Hospital,
the clinical base of the Second Faculty of Medicine and one of
the largest and most developed hospitals in Central Europe. Motol
University Hospital provides care in all the medical fields for
residents of Prague and the whole of the Czech Republic. It is famous
for its treatment of distinguished VIP patients, including the Czech
President. It has a total number of approximately 2 300 beds, of which
690 are in the Paediatric section, while the adult section has
1 230 beds. Annually, over 70 000 patients are admitted to the hospital,
and more than 750 000 outpatients are treated. A total of 3 000 medical
staff are employed, including 800 medical doctors. All Paediatric
departments are highly specialised, with some medical services being
unique in the Czech Republic (Oncology, Haemodialysis, Epileptology,

Students’ practical training also takes place at Na Bulovce Hospital and the Military University Hospital Prague.